Skin that has lost its bounce is one of the many tell-tale signs of again. Drooping skin, dark, puffy under eyes, and fine lines and wrinkles are the result of not only sun damage and bad habits, but also the loss of collagen and elastin, the skin’s supportive tissues that create soft, plump skin.

That’s where the Pellevé Skin Tightening system comes in.

Known as the most significant advancement in non-surgical skin tightening treatments available, Pellevé is FDA approved, non-invasive and a quick, long-lasting way to get your skin supple and smooth once again.

Using radiofrequency technology, the Pellevé hand piece system gently heats deeply into the layers of the skin stimulating the production of collagen. Through delivering constant energy building up where the skin and fat layers merge together, the body naturally produces new collagen for 4-6 weeks after the procedure.

What Makes Pellevé Different?

Pellevé differs from many anti-aging treatments due to its ability to combat signs of aging in more sensitive areas that other treatment have a more difficult time successfully treating.

Pellevés gentler approach makes it the top option for under eye bags and those pesky lip stick lines. Additional benefits that patients can expect from Pellevé are:

  • Supple, plump skin
  • Diminished fine lines and wrinkles
  • Excessive skin on the upper eye lid
  • Refreshed eyes
  • Tightened skin
  • Lifted neck area
  • Combat first signs of aging

Pellevé is the Perfect Companion to Any Treatment

Due to Pellevé’s skin tightening abilities and smaller treatment areas such as the neck, chin, and under eye area, it makes for the perfect add-on companion to other larger treatment areas such as Sculpsure fat reduction.

Often used for wrinkles around the mouth that Botox typically cannot eliminate, Pellevé makes a great addition or alternative to fillers for those who are looking for more non-invasive approaches.

Pellevé is effective in treated nasolabial folds due to loss of collagen and fat in that hard to area around the nose.

Benefits of Pellevé

With the ability to be performed in less than an hour, this non-surgical face lift has no downtime. Patients are free to return to normal activities immediately upon leaving the office. Pellevé is a gentle approach, virtually painless to the patient. Immediate results are achieved without the use of pain medication or a needle and can last six months and beyond.

There is no doubt that when it comes to our skin, the force of aging is fighting hard against us.

For the months of September and October of 2019, we will throw in your choice of a complimentary Pellevé treatment area with any purchase of Sculpsure warming fat reduction.

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