Let’s face it.  The year 2020 has us all hoping for a miracle, and at Hidden Door Med Spa, we have a little mini-miracle on tap, ready to revive that youthful glow with our luxurious illumination peel. 

Think a little bit of tingle, a lot of results. 

Dramatically renew your skin’s vibrance while delivering instantly smooth texture in just one single use.  This fruit acid peel is a 15% blend of acids naturally occurring from papaya, organic US grown blackberry and Aronia fruits, and US grown fermented lemon and pomegranate actives that amp-up brightening for divine illumination! 

Known for its antioxidant rich features such as lycopene, papaya fruit is an ultimate defender against visible signs of aging.  In addition, papaya improves the elasticity of your skin, further minimizing wrinkles. 

Aronia fruits are also particularly high in Vitamin C, a scientifically proven collagen-builder for the skin.  Because of Aronia fruits natural antibacterial properties, Aronia extracts have quickly jumped on the skincare scene as an excellent remedy for acne-prone skin.

Glowing, healthy skin has long been attributed to use of fermented lemon, a process where macerated lemon is incubated with lactobacillus in a fermentation process enhancing the actives of the peel.  Similar to making yogurt, the probiotics are a healthy addition to your skin. With a lemon extract peel, tyrosinase production becomes limited allowing the lemon antioxidants to assist with unsightly dark circles under the eyes and evening out skin pigmentation. 

At Hidden Door Med Spa, our relaxing and rejuvenating Illumination Brightening Facial Peel begins with a foaming hemp cleanser to calm and prep your skin.  After a gentle massage, we prepare your skin for the ultimate glow through our exfoliating fruit acid blend.  This fruit acid blend buffs away any rough patches, making way for soft, restored skin.  Lastly, a deeply moisturizing avocado butter mask is painted on the skin to restore suppleness.  Consider fine lines a thing of the past with our vitamin berry tonic, applied as a toner after the avocado butter, instantly shrinking pore size.  Next up, your eyes are treated with a creamy (and dreamy) transforming serum designed to bring back youthfulness.  Finish this ultimate level of pampering with a mattifying clinical peptide moisturizer and sunscreen.

With a slight warmth and tingle as the acids work to loosen dead skin and reveal revived skin, you may experience a little rosiness after the peel, but your skin will feel silky like never before!

The results of our Illumination Brightening Facial Peel boast an enhanced skin tone, texture and smoothness while brightening and rejuvenating your skin. 

Allow bright lemon wedges and juicy blackberries to fill your senses as you relax into this little slice of heaven.  Give a toast to summer as your face soaks in the delightfulness of full rejuvenation.

For the month of August, add this incredible Illumination Brightening Peel before any Botox treatment for ONLY $69!  In addition, all Botox appointments scheduled in month of August will receive their service at only $9.90/unit.*  Any SkinCeuticals purchase of $175, receive a complimentary SkinCeuticals Light Moisture UV body sunscreen.

Schedule your appointment TODAY as this promotion is only available for the month of August – call or come by today! (817) 488-8848

*No banking Botox units for this promotion.  Appointments must be in the month of August 2020 to receive the promotional price.

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