There are some things that make life unpleasant. Soggy sandwiches and mosquitos come to mind, as do irritating ingrown hairs and the inability to wear tank tops and strappy dresses because of dark underarms.

Are there worse things in life? Probably. But body hair problems are definitely up there as a day-to-day nuisance many of us wrestle with.

Dealing with ingrown hairs is painful.

We’ve all been there – and you may be there now. Ingrown hairs just happen – naturally, through every-day living – shaving, waxing, and wearing fitted clothes, all of which up the chances you’ll get ‘em.

In case you haven’t seen an ingrown hair up close – these evil little culprits are hairs that have grown out of your skin, curled back around, and have begun growing back into your skin. This usually spurs irritation, causing a painful (and unsightly) bump on the surface, which can sometimes become infected and make things a whole lot worse. The atrocity can happen just about any place on the body that can grow hair, although it is more frequently discovered on legs, underarms, bikini, face and neck areas.

If this sounds a bit like the hand you’ve been dealt, you’ve probably tried just about everything you can get your hands on, but to no avail. Hang in there, we’re about to change that forever!

Do Your Underarms Need to Lighten Up?

If your dark underarms are a source of embarrassment for you, you’re not alone. Many women, especially fair-skinned women, feel self-conscious about the discoloration under their arms. Sadly, this lack of confidence gets in the way of wearing cooler (and let’s face it – cuter) clothes in the summer and participating in sports.

Why are some women, it seems, blessed with armpits pale as lilies while others are forced to suffer through life with ho-hum pits? Armpit discoloration can be due to a variety of factors, namely:

  • Friction from tight clothing
  • Reactions to deodorants and other skincare products
  • Shaving
  • Being overweight (skin discoloration on various parts of the body can be an indicator of Type II diabetes and is worth checking out with your doctor)
  • Taking androgen-based contraceptive pills

Laser Hair Removal – Your Armpits’ BFF, and The Last Remedy You’ll Ever Need for Ingrown Hairs

There are admittedly various skin lightening treatments for underarms. First, there is exfoliation to get rid of any buildup of dead skin cells. While exfoliation is normally a great way to keep your skin youthful and glowing, exfoliating the delicate skin under your arms can be a surefire way to absorb nasty chemicals, which are commonly found in many exfoliation products. There are now whitening deodorants on the market as well, but these can stain skin and clothes when sweat mingles with the common ingredient alum chloride.

Laser hair removal gets rid of unwanted hair permanently (and painlessly), something shaving or waxing can’t claim. It also results in the end of stubble and impacted hair follicles. This makes your underarm area look much lighter and smoother. In other words, laser hair removal treatments turn ho-hum pits into fabulous pits.

Laser Hair Removal is also highly effective in resolving ingrown hair issues. As the hair follicle is destroyed, its ability to produce hair diminishes – thus preventing its growth in the first place. No hair = no ingrown hairs. Simple!

Laser Hair Removal FAQ

Q: How Does it Work Exactly?

A: Laser hair removal is a safe and effective procedure that specifically targets hair follicles. This not only destroys the hair that is currently taking up residence in said hair follicle, but also prevents new hair growth.

Q: How Many Sessions Will I Need?

A: While everyone is different, most women will require up to half a dozen treatment sessions to get the desired effects. Multiple sessions are required because, at any given time, a certain percentage of the hairs are in a “resting” phase instead of a growth phase. There needs to be a hair in the follicle for the laser to hone in on it and ZAP it. This is why six or so treatments are necessary.

Q: Do Treatments Hurt?

A: Unlike waxing, which causes most women – and even some men – to wish they were having a root canal instead, laser hair removal is fairly painless. Some women may experience mild discomfort, but most tolerate the treatments very easily. And, if necessary, a topical numbing cream can be applied.

If you’re ready to say goodbye to dark underarms and ingrown hair, make an appointment with us for laser hair removal treatment. You’ll be happy you did.