Skin is essentially our suit of armor against the outside world. But with ever-changing climates, and damaging blends of humidity and drying heat to contend with, it also means your form of protection takes one hell of a beating.

Dry skin, for one, is an issue that affects a vast majority of the population. It leads to cracking, peeling, irritation and inflammation of the skin. Not only does it look unsightly, but it can be painful and put you at risk of developing extreme skin conditions such as eczema. And when it comes to style inspiration, the shedding reptile look is not a top contender. Trust us.

Thankfully, there’s an obvious remedy… it’s MOISTURE. In fact, if this isn’t a staple in your daily beauty routine already, how have you survived this long!? The best way to preserve the skin’s barrier function is by frequently moisturizing or using hydrating skin products. From a youthful glow to blemish-free and velvety smooth skin, moisturizing ensures your complexion remains as close to perfect as it can get.

Let’s uncover just how miraculous a touch of hydration can be with Moisture’s Top 5 Superpowers.

1 – Moisture keeps skin looking radiant

You may have noticed that skin on your face, neck, chest and ears tends to be more sensitive than anywhere else on your body. This is because skin cells replace themselves far more frequently in these specific areas, but as a consequence become more vulnerable to dryness. Moisture helps to give skin the support it needs to repair and remain healthy. As a result, skin will look plump, fresh and radiant.

 2 – Moisture reduces the risk of skin conditions

When it comes to replenishing lost moisture in the skin, it’s all about finding the right balance. If skin is either too dry or too oily, that’s when common skin problems start to crop up. On one end of the spectrum you’ll find eczema, and the other, acne. Dermatologists advise sticking to creams with high oil content if your skin tends to be on the dry side, or instead opt for an exfoliating lotion if it’s oily. If you’re lucky enough to have been blessed with both, then congratulations – you’ve hit the dermis jackpot! Jokes aside, combination skin is best suited to gentle cleansing and a light hydrating moisturizer.

 3 – Moisture helps to prevent aging

For those desperately intent on halting signs of old age, here’s sweet music to your ears! It’s been proven by the British Journal of Dermatology that individuals who regularly moisturize decrease their risk of accumulating wrinkles at an earlier age, in comparison with their dry and dehydrated counterparts. This is ultimately down to your skin’s barrier and the way it becomes less effective at sustaining levels of moisture as you age. Frequently moisturizing counteracts this, as it replenishes and maintains those lost levels, whilst keeping skin looking plump and bright.

 4 – Moisture protects against environmental damage

Exposure to cold, dry air – especially during the winter months – wreaks havoc on your skin’s moisture. Lips, hands and cheeks are often worst affected, as these areas are particularly susceptible to chapping. What’s more, heading indoors from the cold to be greeted by artificial heat from radiators only serves to worsen the condition. As a result, you’re left with red, dry and irritated skin, not to mention an increased risk of developing eczema. If you’re stocking up for the winter months, be sure to lock down a range of hydrating products, pronto.

 5 – Moisture reduces the appearance of blemishes

Gently massaging your skin with lotions or creams helps to stimulate blood circulation and prompt new cell growth. This in turn helps to accelerate skin repair and even out any existing blemishes. Not only are you left with a radiant glow, but your skin looks visibly clearer too. It’s a win, win!

Finally, one vital tip to remember is that you should always moisturize after showering – and use the right hair products! (We love Pureology Hydrate). Sure, there’s nothing better than jumping into a steaming shower to soothe your soul and scrub away the day’s dirt. But hot water is very intense on the skin (and hair); stripping it of oils and moisture completely and leaving your skin parched and flaky. By lathering on hydrating products as soon as you step out the shower, you’ll replenish lost oils and prepare your skin for the day ahead.