The halls have been decked and the Christmas tree trimmed, but your skin is dull, and your eyes
still dark-rimmed. Christmas parties are a buzz and it’s time to look your best, so we’ve given
you three ways to let your skin (and you!) shine this holiday season.

Be Bright with a Holiday Hydrafacial

Not much is worse than applying make-up to dry, cracked skin, but with one simple facial, all of
that can be changed and results are immediate. Our hydra-facial instantly rids the skin of
impurities and build up through a multi-step process, immediately brightening and refreshing
your skin. In this completely customizable treatment, our expert professionals are able to tailor
the steps to your needs, boosting the overall result.
With our Hidden Door Med Spa hydrafacial, there is no downtime or discomfort, the results are
instant and the hydration is known to last seven days, sometimes even longer. Not only does
the hydrafacial moisturize your skin, but it also reduces fine lines, tightens your skin and
minimizes the appearance of blackheads.

You’ll certainly brighten up any holiday gathering with glowing skin after this procedure.

Stay Merry and Fresh with Botox and Fillers

Botox does more than just erase your fine lines and wrinkles. Through it’s added benefit of an
eye lift alongside it’s powerful wrinkle reduction, Botox takes years of stress from your face.
Not only does Botox give you a refreshed, well-rested appearance, but it also works to help
prevent wrinkles from deepening or forming by keeping the skin smooth.

There is no need to search for that fountain of youth when you can get Botox. Botox treats
frown lines (11’s, 1’s, between eyebrow area), forehead lines, eyebrows, and crow’s feet.
With a little Botox, your face will be fresh and you will be merry going into this Holiday season.

Be Stress Free with an Invigorating Body Scrub and Massage

It’s not all about the external during the holidays. It’s what is inside, too. So keep your nerves
calmed and your JOY a priority by booking a refreshing massage with a soothing, exfoliating
invigorating body scrub add on, leaving you extra fresh and invigorated. You will enjoy that
hour and your family will enjoy a stress-free house.

When at home, diffuse peppermint oil infused with lavender to stay calm and remember to stay
moisturized. A little yoga or short run never hurts either.

Hidden Door Holiday Tips

Book now and do not delay! Our holiday schedule fills up fast as everyone prepares to look and
feel their best for the holiday season. Be sure to schedule your Botox events at least one week
before any major events and remember to always, always use a qualified professional like our
own super stars here at Hidden Door (817)-488-8848.

Hidden Door Spa is a premiere spa with locations in Roanoke, Southlake and Fort
Worth/Alliance. We’ve combined the luxury of a day spa and the cutting edge technology of a
medspa — with a mission to enhance our client’s’ natural beauty with result-oriented services at
an affordable price and in a comfortable environment. We believe everyone can look and feel
better with the proper care and products. With this in mind, we like to keep prices reasonable so
everyone can enjoy our services and expertise. We have designed spa packages, but are readily
available to customize services to meet your specific needs or preferences. A close relationship
with our medical director, Dr. Otoniel Huertas, further sets Hidden Door Spa apart from the
competition. Dr. Huertas is one of Dallas’ leading reconstructive surgeons. He works closely with
our medspa staff to help our clients reach their goals and look their best.