Whether you are thin and fit but plagued with those stubborn pockets of fat or just trying to shed those extra post-baby pounds, SculpSure, the newest non-invasive laser body contouring and fat reduction procedure, will leave you appearing toned and slimmed with zero downtime.

Treated Areas

Despite putting in the most valiant effort at the gym and counting every calorie, fat can be super persistent and dedicated to hanging out in the most unwanted of places, but within 25 minutes, SculpSure can remove an average of 24% of unwanted fat.

Using state-of-the art, minimally invasive laser technology, SculpSure allows you to design a customized “treat to complete” plan for the area(s) of your choice:

Chin Area

Achieving Your Ideal Body

To safely and effectively treat these fat prone areas, helping you achieve the slimmer waistline you desire, SculpSure uses wavelength technology that specifically targets the subcutaneous fat (the fat that is visible and can be pinched) by raising the temperature of fat cells which destroys their structural integrity. This destruction, in turn, naturally eliminates the disrupted fat cells through the lymphatic system over time leaving permanent changes, leading to NO fat cell regeneration. As the fat cells halt in production, results are are typically seen in 6-12 weeks.

How Does Sculpture Work?

SculpSure pairs heat and cooling technology to allow the laser to fight the fat while the cooling sensation keeps your skin comfortable. Before the procedure begins, the licensed practitioner will mark the areas of fat in which you would like to treat. You will be seated comfortably in a reclined position and the SculpSure device, similar to a belt with various applicators attached, will be wrapped around the patient. The applicators will then alternate between the heat of the laser, which has been described as a tingling sensation, then begin to cool the area providing relief. Each treatment takes about 25 minutes and provides the patient the luxury of reading, relaxing, or even taking a quick snooze. Over the next 6-12 weeks, your body’s lymphatic system begins to naturally flush out the eliminated fat cells and results becoming dramatically evident.

The SculpSure Difference

SculpSure’s ability to permanently destroy the fat cells leaving long lasting results, zero downtime, and boasting results that have your friend’s talking about your new waistline, makes SculpSure the perfect option to remove that stubborn fat. Unlike other surgical treatments such a liposuction, you can achieve the same results with less pain, bruising, and cost. SculpSure doesn’t just provide an immediate recovery while promoting the destruction of fat cells, but it also has the beneficial side effect of encouraging the growth of collagen and elastin, creating an increased firmness and youthful look to the skin.

Why Men Love SculpSure

Physical fitness is still the most important method in achieving body contouring, but sometimes those squats
and crunches just aren’t enough. The ability for men to target their need in a safe, efficient, minimal treatment time suits their lifestyle. Enticed by the fact that SculpSure removes fat deposits and leaves the body smooth and scar free during a simple lunch break, alongside jumping right back into the gym the next day, men are finding that this quick laser technology treatment is the best and most reasonable choice for them, too.

Hidden Door Invites You to Experience SculpSure

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